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Entry-Level to the High Performance Line

  • 18"x20"x18" Ultrasonic System
  • Programmable heat and ultrasonic cycle.
  • 230 Volts
  • Lease-To-Own Options Available


Our #1 Most Popular Unit!

  • Stainless Steel Tank and Heavy Steel Frame
  • 230 Volts
  • Wye Strainer / Dual 10" Cartridge Filters
  • Lease-to-Own Options Available


Upgraded model surpassing the EP-3523P

  • 35"x23"x12" Ultrasonic System
  • 230 Volts
  • Programmable heat and ultrasonic cycle
  • Lease-To-Own Options Available


  • 52" x 37" x 42" Ultrasonic System
  • Stainless Steel Tank (35" 16" x 15") and a Heavy Steel Frame
  • 2000 Watts
  • 31 Gallon Tank Capacity


Eastern Precision Benchtops

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Serving Satisfaction For Over 30 Years


Len Hoffman - Owner of Hoffman Automotive Machine Inc.

I used the machine a good deal the last month. I really like it a lot and would hate to have to give it up. Lost of impressed folks after seeing how picked clean parts look. Especially good on Honda, Mazda intake manifolds and pretty much any cast aluminum part I've thrown in it. Love the finish!

Joe Jolly - Madcap Racing Engines

In the racing engine business we re-use some internal components and this machine can clean pistons and ring grooves flawlessy in a third of the time someone could do by hand. Cylinder head carbon is no longer an issue either. At Madcap we feel the outside appearance of our engines also represents what the inside looks like and your machine is a major player in achieving that goal.

Bob Carpenter - CarpenterRacing.com

Just wanted to let you know that the machine is working beyond expectations. As you know that we tried many other machines before our purchase. Yours is the only machine that can remove carbon and it cleans our parts in one-third the time of anything else we tested. Also, the machine is a machine that really shows its build and value. The all stainless everything is a real winner.

James Stewart - Essex Parts Services Inc.

The Ultrasonic parts washer by Eastern Precision is an amazing tool to have in the shop, 20 minutes at 180 degrees and some of the nastiest and dirtiest calipers are clean and look new. This is the perfect parts washer for just about everything you can fit in the tank, I've even used it to clean my necklace.